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From Heritage to Timeless Decor: Unveiling 'The Memento - S', A Moss Wall Terrarium

Introducing "The Memento - S" (Moss Memento).

Now available on: TerraLiving's Etsy Store

This design captures the beauty of our preserved moss wall, drawing inspiration from the window frame shapes of the iconic Stadhuys clock tower, built in the 1600s. Additionally, it reflects influences from the church near the Stadhuys, constructed in the 1700s, and the heritage buildings along Jonker Street in Malacca. Many of these structures share a similar window shape.

"The Memento" resonates with our cherished memories of growing up and working in Malacca. It serves as a "window" to appreciate our botanical artistry. For our international admirers, "The Memento" offers a nostalgic journey back in time with us, blending a touch of history into your contemporary setting, eternally preserved with our ZERO Moss.

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