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How 3D printing significantly contributed to the future of terrarium designs by TerraLiving

Wood has been humanity's material of choice for centuries, providing warmth and comfort, beauty, and artistic expression. With decades of woodworking experience and knowledge in our team, wood elements are inseparable in many designs, notably our "Heart of Forest" design variants and, of course, our TerraLights.

Woodworking is a tactile and satisfying art form for its creator and viewer. We wish to further accentuate this experience in our work by introducing 3D-printed parametric wood forms into our future collections.

Tapping inspiration from traditional woodworking, the digital building technologies of 3D printing allow us to take our vision from computer-generated renders to life while still maintaining that rustic look of finished wood. What a fantastic time to live in, and we're thrilled to explore this uncharted territory in our design with this timeless material.

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Mick Frank
Mick Frank
Sep 14, 2023

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