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Iconic Biomorphic Moss Sculpture by TerraLiving, The Eden

The flagship and one of the most iconic Biomorphic Sculpture by TerraLiving, "The Eden". It serves as the benchmark for all its successors for years to come.

The word biomorphic comes from the Greek words bios, which means life, and morphē, which means shape. These sculptures represent natural organic shapes: leaves, flowers, animals, and people.

From the womb of a loving mother, our artists created "The Eden" in the image of birthing a living miracle.

The cocoon-like bone lattice structure symbolizes the womb of a mother that is slowly moving and evolving to support a new life miracle.

As the "The Eden" gradually takes root on the ground, life slowly takes place in the heart of the womb, in the form of ZERO moss.

The new miracle sparked life around its ecosystem, supplying life force to surrounding lush greeneries, making it the Heart of Eden.

The miracle is "The Eden", where life forms. A perfect companion connecting you to the blessings of life.

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