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Inspecting "The Terragon - X" preserved moss terrarium before packaging & shipping

Today, let's look at how we gently check for the structural integrity of delicate ZERO Moss specimens with a glass rod and tweezers for the Terragon - X.

This is usually the last step before packaging to ensure that they don't "fall off" easily when they travel across the world.

If possible, we will remove some left-over "moss fragments" after transplantation. That said, given the nature of moss, where they dislocate part of their leaf to reproduce, some fragments will be present after transportation.

In this video, you can also enjoy looking at the attention to detail that we put into crafting every piece of our botanical sculpture.

*Note: This is a preserved moss terrarium, an approach where we present our creativity for botanical arts with moss, preserved in our lab. They look fresh and lively, but they are non-living, thus free of pests and any form of maintenance.

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