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Minimalist, sleek and elegant preserved moss terrarium, The Vertex Ultra by TerraLiving

"The Vertex Ultra - Heart of Forest", a ZERO Moss botanical collection in geometrical glass sculpture by TerraLiving.

Important note: This is a preserved moss terrarium, presented as a way to express our love for botanical art.

One of TerraLiving’s iconic elements is its free-flowing geometrical glass design.

As you already notice, each art piece is encased within a set of hand-crafted geometrical-crystalline glasses joined seamlessly to offer immersive & spectacular views from multiple angles.

Inspired by our flagship Vertex family, "The Vertex Ultra" has three extra signature glass facets, offering even more spectacular panoramas to the moss wall with many moss species preserved at different growth stages.

The "Heart of Forest" variant delivers a breathtaking atmosphere of our Malayan Rainforest, expressed through sprawling preserved driftwoods heading towards the top of the glass sculpture.

While these additional facets make "The Vertex Ultra" look sleeker with a touch of elegance, it took our designers several times the effort and months of testing to find the right balance in creating this detailed glass sculpture with seamless edges.

Nevertheless, all the efforts that went into creating this beauty are well worth it, and most importantly, we have an early collector who got his hand on this first piece!

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