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Mosses That Stays Fluffy Without The Need For Maintenance

The Vertex - Moss Wall (L), Heart of Forest by TerraLiving, a ZERO Moss Terrarium, Botanical Art by TerraLiving

Story behind our ZERO Moss:

Like the life-cycle of legendary Phoenix, which is said to be reborn from remnants of its ashes, mosses have been around for more than 470 million years.

Mosses experienced five major mass extinction. Its regenerative and adaptive capabilities make it somewhat of a miracle organism, able to regrow into vast patches covering entire forests from the smallest of fragments.

Our moss preservation technology efforts stem from the desire to suspend and immortalize moss at the pinnacle of its growth phase, thus allowing us to observe and appreciate its lush, vibrant emerald beauty for all eternity.

Using cutting-edge freeze-drying techniques to remove moisture in a non-destructive way and replacing that with plant preservatives. While these mosses are no longer alive, we can retain their naturally soft pillow-like texture, wet-earthy scent, and luscious, fluffy shape without any compromises.

Codenamed ZERO Moss for their convenient zero maintenance physiology, these preserved mosses are the ultimate medium of expression for creative individuals to make various forms of moss art and sculptures, both enclosed and exposed.

Most importantly, they are clean & pest free as certified, audited, and accepted by more than 35 countries across the globe.

We hope these works of art will keep you company and maintain the immersive tranquility of your desktop space endlessly.

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