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#pokethemoss in the Chloroplast 3.0, a biomorphic 3D Printed Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving

#pokethemoss in "Chloroplast 3.0"

We gently check for the structural integrity of delicate ZERO Moss species with a glass rod to ensure that they can withstand rigorous movements when they travel across the world, a process before moving to packaging and shipping.

Rare preserved moss species and moss with more eye-catching features such as unique leaves arrangements receive extra attention to ensure that they are well transplanted.

Complete preservation in our lab retains the main characteristics of moss, such as its fluffiness. That would also mean that the nature of moss is well preserved, such as the tendency to dislocate part of its leaves as "moss fragments", which is one of the ways moss propagate in nature.

Thus, we often select moss before its peak reproductive stage to preserve it for optimal aesthetic and structural stability in our botanical collections & preserved moss terrariums.

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