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Preserved Tree Moss terrarium in a glass dome, The Rainforest M by TerraLiving

ZERO Moss opened up a whole new world in TerraLiving, allowing us to seamlessly share our creations with fans across the globe with vast environmental differences, such as temperature and humidity.

ZERO Moss is 100% natural moss in its biologically inactive form. They came from live mosses cultivated and processed in our "Moss Lab" to their peak health, then preserved in the "Preservation Lab" for encasement.

Also known as preserved mosses, they help us to express our art and creations with delicate moss species that usually can't thrive in a room environment.

Our "Preservation Lab" employs advanced preservation technology to remove water content from individual moss cells in an environment with low pressure and subzero temperature.

This non-destructive water content removal prevents spontaneous disintegration of moss' proteins and biological components, rendering them inactive or what we call "frozen in time". This process helps the glass sculpture encasing ZERO Moss to remain crystal clear for an extended period.

These "frozen" moss cells allow us to fill them with plant fluid, nutrients, and food & cosmetic grade preservatives.

Once every intricate process in the preservation is done perfectly, the result is a very lively-looking ZERO Moss that retains most of its original features but requires no maintenance, is clean, pest-free, and no longer alive.

As long as you don't expose ZERO Moss to direct sunlight and avoid watering, it should last for decades.

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