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Stop Motion Video for "The Eden - S", 3D Printed Botanical Sculpture by TerraLiving

Stop motion video requested by a fan who got "The Eden - S" as a gift for her nephew, with the message "dare to dream". He is pursuing his dream and will soon attend a design school.

Design concept for "The Eden":

Many of our planet’s natural wonders have been shaped by centuries, even millennia, of evolution; this constant growth can be seen everywhere today.

Here at TerraLiving, we took two concepts - the evolution of nature and the evolution of technology - and fused them into one idea: a biomorphic 3D-printed sculpture that simulates how nature can further evolve over time.

The Eden is an impressively detailed sculpture layered with natural preserved moss, known as our ZERO Moss. It took form from the womb of a loving mother and the structure of a cocoon.

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1 Comment

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