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TerraLiving's Determination in Providing the Best Services Possible

The way we have worked with our fans, private collectors, corporate clients, and followers over the years. We will keep improving in every possible aspect.

More details below: -

1. 100% safe arrival guarantee

Packaging based on three-story impact drop test data. If there's any damage due to transit and shipping*, kindly submit any photo/video proof immediately. We will resolve your issues within 24 hours.

Please don't damage the package intentionally and unbox it with extra care.

*The rate is currently at about 1 in 1,000 + -

2. Available for 17 hours a day

We will reply to your inquiries as soon as possible, 17 hours a day (sometimes even more), including weekends. Please remind us if we missed out on your messages.

We are humans, and sorry if we occasionally may not reply to your messages on time.

3. Ships in 1 - 3 working days

For "ready-to-fly" designs, we will get all the paperwork and clearance details needed for customs and ship them out quickly via DHL Express. Pre-order designs take longer, depending on the schedule.

If everything goes smoothly, the arrival date is usually 3 - 5 working days later.

4. Detailed progress updates

Unless we are sleeping, we will keep you updated with all the necessary details when you place an order until we start shipping and beyond, even if there's any unexpected event.

5. Privacy prioritization

Your conversations, inquiries, order details, and direct feedback to us are kept entirely private. We don't send promotional e-mails / messages, and we won't intentionally ask you to leave us with reviews. Public reviews thus far were all made voluntarily & we are truly grateful for that.

We take feedback with an open heart, but we may not respond to hateful or specific negative comments addressed directly to us via inbox. Don't worry; we don't intend to share screenshots of those messages, except those for fraud awareness.

6. Quality craftsmanship

Every work of art is expertly crafted by a team with years of experience and inspected by three different divisions before shipping. Feel free to consult us if you have any dissatisfaction.

We checked every angle possible to minimize imperfections (impossible to be 100% perfect as everything is handcrafted) from our standard one-meter viewing distance (usually closer inspection).

P.S. Please read all the T&Cs in the listing before purchasing our work of art and terrariums, and we will remind you after you make a purchase.

Thank you for reading.

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