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The Best of TerraLiving's 2021 Collection, Part 2: Desktop Moss Wall preserved moss terrarium

Best of TerraLiving's 2021 Collection, Part 2: Desktop Moss Wall (DMW) Series

Developed as one of the earliest moss wall series designed to be a desktop companion for small spaces, DMWs went through multiple cycles of iterations and fine-tuning into the best of their form today.

DMW delivers an immersive experience of our Malayan Rainforest preserved for "eternity" within a minimalist glass vessel to keep you accompanied at your desk.

Imagine looking at planet Earth sitting quietly on your left palm.

You raise your right arm in the air…

Your fingers are tightened and straightened…

You gently lower the arm, moving towards the Earth, and sliced off a part of the surface.

And you place the sliced part into a glass capsule that stops time in it.

If you could slice a part of Earth and preserve that forever, what would you slice?

As for our designers, they have an undying love for the Malayan Rainforest.

Bringing imagination to reality...

Our designers have ‘sliced off’ the heart of the Malayan rainforest and preserved its beauty by recreating it into breathtaking moss wall arrangements.

A glance at the Desktop Moss Wall reminds us of the green rainforest's breathtaking view supporting thousands of species on Earth.

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