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The Cloud - Mt. Sapphire, Satisfying Voxel Art Animation, Voxarium Collection by TerraLiving

"The Cloud - Mt Sapphire", a voxel art 3D animation of "The Cloud" from TerraLiving Voxarium Collection, featuring the fortress of Mount Sapphire; a fictional environment consisting of floating boulder mountains rich with blue sapphire gems.

Though the terrain is hazardous with sub-freezing temperatures and has claimed many lives, that hasn't stopped people from trying.

And over the years, a mining colony was formed, which then constructed walled fortifications with defensive towers due to the countless robbery attempts of nomadic raiders.

Despite the flurry of activity that goes on there, there are Zen moments to be had where one can peer out into the horizon from atop a snowy peak and take in the beautiful sights from all around.

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