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The Colony XL - Pillars, a preserved moss terrarium by TerraLiving

We strive to bridge the wonder of nature, science, and botanical aesthetics into the art form that you can see and feel in your personal living space.

Inspired by thousands of unlisted caves hidden all over the world, our designers came up with "The Colony XL - Pillars".

Within those caves, miles and miles of winding tunnels were formed since the pre-historic age.

Which then became what our ancestors called "home".

These caves were our ancestors' sanctuary. And the tunnels were roads connecting one tribe to another.

This piece of art, "The Colony XL - Pillars", is re-imagined to unveil how these incredibly rich and beautiful caves met each other, allowing the sun's warmth to shine unto the tiny opening in the middle of the meeting point.

And over time, mosses call it a new home, occupying the winding tunnels, the rocky subterranean walls, and millions of cave crevices.

They're everywhere, yet there's always more to be found. They became a colony that made the caves look even more vibrant.

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