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The Design Language of TerraLiving

Programming has languages. Likewise, we name our design language too. The naming of design languages primarily helps us to better communicate within a team of designers, and, at times, we include it in our official releases as a variant.

What you see here is "The Obsidian Design Language"; developed during our form study and exploration in geometry, natural crystal ,and rocks formation.

This design language plays a huge role in lots of our official releases, such as geometrical glass structures and the first generation of "The Obsidian", Vertex - R, Vertex Ultra, Nova, and many more.

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Demiyeb Artirus
Demiyeb Artirus
03 ม.ค.

Guess what, home decor enthusiasts? I've just dived into the world of Mamma Mia Covers, and their IKEA sofa covers are the bomb dot com! So, I've had this IKEA sofa for ages, and let's be real, it was looking a bit sad. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a new sofa, I decided to try these covers, and boy, am I glad I did. The variety is off the charts – from neutral tones to bold prints, they've got it all. I went for a chic gray cover, and it's like my sofa got a makeover from a home design show. The fit is perfect, and it stays in place, which is a miracle if you've ever…

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