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The EcoCube - R, 3d Printed Preserved Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving

Official first-launch edition: What you see is what you get.

"The EcoCube - R", with "Tessellated Obsidians", a series of algorithmically generated structures in a truncated cube glass vessel by TerraLiving.

Design concept & philosophy:

Tessellation refers to dividing and rearranging elements to fit together like puzzle pieces. Applying this concept to art allows us to create a tessellated surface from polygonal shapes, then turn that into 3D-printable geometry.

Tessellations span various fields, from computer graphics to nature, such as hexagonal cells found in honeycombs and regular / irregular fractures found on rock surfaces.

Tessellations also serve as the foundations of many of our works, notably the "R" series, and segmented geometrical arrangements of glass vessels.

By applying a set of tessellation parameters to designing software, our designer can generate unique 3D printed structures that match the aesthetics of any contour or interior surface.

These algorithmically generated 3D printed structures in "the EcoCube - R" change their reflective surface relative to different viewing and light source angles.

Surrounded by moss, the tessellated lines on these sculptures deliver a sleek and modern look to complement the geometrical shape of the EcoCube itself.

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