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The Fruiting Body - ⍺ - Growth: A Testimony to Biomimicry and Algorithmic Computation

🍄 "The Fruiting Body - ⍺ - Growth" sacrifices a portion of its base mass to sustain its growth, compared to the original "The Fruiting Body - ⍺". The "main body" is now more prominent and filled. (Photo for comparison as attached).

This biomorphic creation is a testament to the passion and expertise of our founding members, who drew inspiration from countless hours spent in the metagenomics & life sciences laboratory, examining the intricate beauty of tens of thousands of fungal petri dishes down to the molecular level.

Part of our Microcosm Collection, this ZERO Moss terrarium is more than just a stunning work of desktop display art. Its design embodies the cutting-edge concept of algorithmic computation, which, with the aid of AI, paves the way for a future where cellular life can be artificially created to colonize distant, otherworldly planets.

So marvel at "The Fruiting Body - ⍺ - Growth" and join us on a journey of wonder and possibility, where science and art converge to create a vision of a new frontier.

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