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The Future of TerraLiving in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

We've been experimenting with parametric and organic forms for the past two years, inspired by nature, and aided by computational algorithms & 3D printing.

This has allowed us to explore new boundaries in our art that we could never have before, with more than 30 official releases heavily influenced by these techniques.

In 2022 and 2023, our research focuses on applying AI tools such as Dall-E, stable diffusion, and Midjourney into our existing design softwares and pipelines.

The current research starts with the Microcosm Series, A Bryologist's Dream, and Geometric Dreams.

AI is ever evolving, and we see AIs as great partners to further strengthen the cohesion between our team members with diverse backgrounds from life sciences, molecular sciences, horticulture, bryology, industrial & product designs, hand-drawn, and 3D arts.

Since the dawn of TerraLiving, with a collection of thousands of hand-drawn images, concept art, and, recently, AI-generated concept art, we have strived to take them from the digital world into their physical form.

With the help of software such as Blender, we can work on multiple hyper-realistic 3D concepts that allow us to accurately simulate our work, such as the arrangements of moss and how they respond to light and shadow, before crafting them.

The future awaits us. And while there are many unknowns, it is up to us to make this world something worth living for today and tomorrow.

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