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The Herbarium (S) - Pure Moss Edition, preserved moss specimen terrarium by TerraLiving

Available on TerraLiving's official Etsy store:

A herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study.

The specimens may be whole plants or plant parts stored in boxes or kept in preservatives.

Now... what if you have a palm-sized herbarium encapsulated in a glass specimen box that you can carry wherever you go and display on your desk?

This is where science meets aesthetics.

If you’re always on the go and wish you could bring TerraLiving art pieces with you, "The Herbarium - S" is the calming companion you need.

Once opened...

"The Herbarium - S" contains multiple soft and fluffy ZERO Moss encased in its hand-crafted minimalist glass specimen box with a seamless-hinge glass door.

The glass door isolates them from the harsh outside world, preserving its beauty for years.

Being the newest addition to TerraLiving's "Herbarium" collection, this Pure Moss edition is highly anticipated and requested by enthusiasts across the globe.

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