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The Nephrite - L, preserved moss terrarium by TerraLiving

Official featured video for "The Nephrite (L) - Heart of Forest", chosen as a centrepiece for an event in Malaysia.

Design philosophy:

Perhaps this is the work of a genie trapped inside a crystal for centuries.

"The Nephrite" is genuinely like something out of a fairy tale.

Inside the case is lush and vibrant jade-green ZERO Moss with preserved wood roots, making it an ideal hiding multiple rare moss species

Can you almost see a pair of Tree Mosses peeking out from the top of the Nephrite?

Perfect as perches for your modest collection of art pieces, or just as fantasy landscape within an arm's length, this little treasure will make you want to embark on an adventure.

Unique glass design:

Fully designed and developed in our design lab, "The Nephrite's" geometrical glass facets were accurately angled to allow an immersive viewing experience via its large glass panels while minimizing direct light reflection for up to 95% of its surface.

Equipped with two seamless-hinge glass doors, "The Nephrite - L" allows a unique viewing experience into its inner moss chamber.

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