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The Role of AI in Revolutionizing Botanical Art and Terrarium Designs By TerraLiving

In an era filled with AI-generated imagery, many opinions abound, with critics lamenting the lack of originality as the technology seemingly ripped off and trained from the artistic prowess of skilled human creators.

Despite the prevailing negativity, AI proves instrumental in bringing to life the visions that reside within our minds and archives, particularly in the sphere of botanical art and terrarium designs.

For our purposes, existing AI image generators fall short of delivering the precise parameters we require (at least for now).

Instead, AI serves as a conduit, bridging the gap between conception and realization. Our designers present sketches, preliminary 3D drawings, and reference images to guide the AI to "replicate" our work to the desired outcome. This method allows for the swift integration of elements such as moss into terrarium designs presented digitally — a feat that would otherwise demand considerably more time with traditional 3D software and generative design approaches.

The photo you're looking at is a harmonious fusion of human and AI ingenuity. It is achieved by initially providing the AI with our original 3D image and subsequently enabling it to mirror our distinct environmental photography style and lighting.

Through this Human-AI, multi-dimensional collaborative process, we can accurately capture the desired aesthetic, thus paving more ways to create official animated 3D renders and, finally the initial prototype.

Ultimately, our team must first envision what we love and want before making it real and allowing our fans to feel the same way as we do.

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