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Virtual Gallery Display - The Nova Skylantis, a Voxarium Project by TerraLiving

One of our personal favourite in the Voxarium series: The Nova - "Skylantis"

This is a 3D animated voxel concept art of The Nova glass sculpture designed by TerraLiving.

Story behind the design:

The Nova - "Skylantis" features a section of the fictional Skylantis Project; a vertical dam built on "gravitanium" mountains that naturally float due to their superconductive properties.

Dams and man-made water catchment projects have long been the symbol of human ingenuity bringing hydroelectric power and enabling the regulation of a valuable resource during natural disasters.

However, their construction is often coupled with the destruction of the existing local ecosystems. Thus the Skylantis Project was born to serve as a water reservoir in the sky.

With its massive load capacity coupled with large, powerful propellers to provide linear thrust. The floating structure can allocate water to drought regions, irrigate crops in the middle of deserts and even help put out forest fires.

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