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We received the verified badge on Facebook!

Finally!!!...after years of hard work & sleepless nights, TerraLiving got a verified badge or "blue tick" on Facebook!

We wish to extend our gratitude to TerraLiving's entire team, fans & supporters, mentors, news publishing sites & pages, the design community, design magazines, and of course, Facebook Team for making this happen.

Thank you to everyone who spread the word about us and sharing our work.

While the verified badge may not mean much for some, it meant A LOT for us. We are now easily recognizable by everyone who wishes to support our authentic work instead of falling prey to the endless swarm of fraudulent & impersonating sites / pages.

For now, this is the best we can do to help you make better decisions and judgments when it comes to verifying the existence of our work.

While we need to wait for further verification applications on Instagram, the list below is our official websites / social media pages associated with our brand.

• Official Website:

• Official Facebook page:

• Official Instagram page:

• Official YouTube Channel:

• Official Twitter account:

• Official TikTok account:

• Official Pinterest account:

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