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Winter Cycle, The Vertex Paradise Falls, terrarium voxel art animation by TerraLiving

Transition into winter, a complete seasonal cycle for "The Vertex - Paradise Falls", an animated terrarium voxel art by TerraLiving.

"The Vertex - Paradise Falls" is an artistic voxel concept art created as an homage to TerraLiving's innovative and technological progress as we push the boundaries of future crafting by incorporating elements of computer-assisted design and 3D printing into our art.

TerraLiving’s digital art serves two purposes: artistic expression and narrative.

An artistic expressive digital sculpture conveys the artist’s self-expression of emotions, feelings, experiences, and ideas.

Our designers let their imaginations run wild even if some creation may not be realistic.

But that couldn’t stop them.

“Imagine first, Judge later,” is our code of art.

Besides, each digital sculpture masterpiece also conveys a certain unique narrative.

It could be encapsulating the beauty of nature...

Appreciating the historic events and humanity’s efforts...

Revealing human emotions and needs...

Or simply reminding us to be brave enough to reimagine reality.

Our digital arts challenge the edge of reality and represent our endeavours to break the conventional box encasing us.

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