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3D Printed Moss Art, Parametric Terrarium that can last for years

The ZERO Moss version of Oracle 2.0

Do note that all official releases are ZERO Moss, a.k.a. preserved moss.

Feel free to read the full caption below for our new fans who are wondering what's going on.

We started our journey in TerraLiving with live moss in 2015, which eventually contributed to our satisfying living art and living sculpture series.

Along the way, we have lots of supportive fans all over the globe who appreciate our hard work, and they wish to be a part of our cause.

With sheer luck and determination, our first ZERO Moss experiment became successful in early 2018. But, it took almost two years for the first ZERO Moss terrarium to leave our home country, Malaysia, and fly to the US.

It was a very surreal moment, and it felt as if we landed on the moon 🚀 🌕

So...why ZERO Moss and not live moss?

ZERO Moss is preserved in our lab, and it is non-living, yet it stays fresh, vibrant, and fluffy for many, many years (4 years and still counting now).

It can go through strict sterilization and decontamination to be pest-free for biosecurity documents approval and international movements.

Most importantly, it allows our specific art style to remain as intended in a drastically different environment and seasons.

ZERO Moss is the only way our fans can own a part of our work, and well, digital art in the future. Some also call them our official "merchandise".

In contrast, live mosses in our lab and home environment are extremely unlikely to thrive in other regions. Besides, it can't go through sterilization and decon, while the typical quarantine process for live mosses may take more than a week.

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