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3D Printed Parametric Living Art, The Perception 2.0 Live Moss Experiment by TerraLiving

Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy watching the making of "The Perception 2.0", a living parametric moss sculpture with fog by TerraLiving, without the use of any adhesive.

A year of material research & observation, two months of prior planning, and twelve hours of moss transplantation into the 3D printed structure, condensed into a 1-minute video for your viewing pleasure =)

By selectively manipulating the biodegradable materials and 3D printing process, the surface of its structure allows moss to colonize after a month of transplantation.

This structure also helps in internal temperature regulation by allowing micro-evaporation movements between layers of moss.

In the upcoming posts, we will talk more about this research and the future of 3D printing playing a significant part in botanical art, both in moss' life-support function and aesthetics aspects.

**Important note: This is a behind-the-scenes reference for our live moss experiment. It is NOT applicable for any of our official ZERO Series collections. It would be best not to pump fog into any of your ZERO Moss collection or risk damaging all the preservatives and deteriorating moss's longevity.

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