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A Breath of Luxury, The Yggdrasil XL by TerraLiving

The Yggdrasil - XL, a smaller sibling of the previous "Yggdrasil" one-off release is now officially launched.

Inspired by Yggdrasil, also known as the tree of life, this project has been a joint effort across many different divisions in TerraLiving; from scientists and artisans who've come together with backgrounds ranging from botanical arrangements and woodwork.

While the initial idea for Yggdrasil dated way back to 2015, early prototypes were not very presentable back then.

Since then, we have spent time researching how to preserve mosses to look the best and most natural before going into their final design stage this year.

And over the years of working at TerraLiving, our team has developed unique skillsets for creating highly detailed botanical sculptures like The Yggdrasil.

Even though designing such an intricate piece takes hours upon hours of planning and perfecting every detail, assessing the possibility of shipping it before even starting, and late nights filled with coffee and brainstorming, this was all worth it because now The Yggdrasil is ready!

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