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Autumn 2022 Voxel Art by TerraLiving - Voxarium, The Colony Hanami Hills

The Art of TerraLiving, before we enter winter.

Voxarium Digital Art Collection, "The Colony - Hanami Hills, Autumn 2022"

Design story:

This miniature diorama voxel art showcases the autumn atmosphere of ginkgo garden on Hanami Hill encased within the Colony glass vessel. The golden yellow foliages mark the peak of autumn.

Hanami Hill is a fictional setting situated within a large natural lake; these large floating rocky outcrops had a very calm, zen quality about them and thus attracted the attention of some early Shinto priests to build a shrine and inhabit the area.

Today, it is pretty common for both couples and singles to climb a thousand steps up the levitating structure to reach the shrine as a testament

of their love, for blessing relationships, and some say even curing heartaches.

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