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Behind-the-scenes of planting a living parametric sculpture by TerraLiving

Parametric Live Moss Planting Style by TerraLiving, The Apex 1.0

"Behind-the-scenes" for the making of "The Apex 1.0”, a living parametric moss art with fog by TerraLiving, without the use of any adhesive.

In this research, we aim to study the way 3D printing technology plays a significant part in our botanical art. For living art like these, controlling the main structures' parameters during printing allows moss “roots” growth and stable colonization throughout the intended area.

**Important note: This is a behind-the-scenes reference for our live moss experiment. It is NOT applicable for any of our official ZERO Series releases. Official collectible is Apex 1.0 ZERO Moss Edition. It would be best not to pump fog into any of your ZERO Moss collection or risk damaging all the preservatives and deteriorating moss's longevity.

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