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Behind the scenes, planting a live moss terrarium with fog in TerraCube

Behind-the-scenes featuring the live moss transplantation process in a TerraCube - M, and filling it up with fog as an alternative to direct watering.

There are three main categories of moss in TerraLiving.

1. (What you see in this video) Live moss under continuous observation and experiment in our cultivation lab. Observation results heavily influence official ZERO Moss designs.

2. (Uncommon because they are closely observed in our lab before turning into this stage) Dead / rotting / decomposed moss that can no longer be preserved because it lost its structural integrity and essential cellular components.

3. (Almost everything else you see on our page) The almighty ZERO Moss, a kind of museum-grade preserved moss made from live moss in our lab. Non-living, but stays almost the same, fresh and fluffy for many, many years without the need for any maintenance. Clean and pest-free, biosecurity certified, and gained approval by different authorities to travel across more than 35 countries.

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