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Bio-art, Biomorphic Botanical Sculpture Concept Art by terraLiving

The Art of TerraLiving — Artists' impression and proposed concept for our future "Microcosm - Simulated Growth" exhibition, serving as a reference for the team.

Official 3D animated renders followed by 3D-printable prototypes are what we're working on next.

About "Microcosm - Simulated Growth", in case you missed it previously:

Inspired by the growth patterns of moss and other cellular organisms on different surfaces over time, our "Simulated Growth" design language intends to capture the essence and beauty of these natural phenomena.

We can apply and extrapolate natural growth with a synthetic growth pattern made possible only via computational design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence inspired by how protein folding simulation works.

Our goal is to make it possible for us to use this synthetic design process to create aesthetically pleasing designs.

With recent advances in 3D printing technology and other materials research, we believe that there is much potential for a new generation of botanical sculptures - or at least structures inspired by nature - both now and in the future.



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