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Botanical Art by TerraLiving That require NO Maintenance

The Vertex - Moss Wall, Heart of Forest. This series encapsulates an expression of luxury botanical art made with love in Melaka, Malaysia by TerraLiving.

About ZERO Moss we use in all official releases:

🌳 Our ZERO Mosses were cultivated in the greenhouse till their peak health, then sent into our lab for freeze-drying and preservation.

🌱 They look fresh, soft to touch, and lively but biologically inactive. Technically, they are NON-LIVING and won't produce fog. They are 100% real plant, real moss though.

🔬 This is how scientist store plants in herbarium or “plant museums” for decade. We modified the method with our proprietary technology so that the moss look refreshing for our art pieces, the moment where science meets art =)

✋ Maintenance:

ZERO Moss colour is the reflection of its original form.

NEVER expose ZERO Moss to direct sunlight and NEVER spray water. Keep them in cool & dry place.

Keep indoor closed at all times, unless you're opening it for viewing.

🚱 ZERO Moss in our official work you see is designed for sculptural and display grade. NO MAINTENANCE is needed except for general wiping for a better view.

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