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How to display your newly arrived "Horizon" terrarium by TerraLiving

A guide to displaying and enjoying "The Horizon" in your living space.

Can a piece of art lead our imagination to a surreal mix of distorted space and reality?

Well, probably "The Horizon" has achieved it, making it the perfect companion for detail lovers.

Design story:

"The Horizon" designers challenged the convention;

That a piece of art can portray not only the obvious but also the obscure.

And the way to do it is to change the way you see the piece of art.

What if the viewers can see "The Horizon" and its details from different lenses…

As if bringing them into a mix of reality and distortion?

By connecting seamless-hinge glass in an irregular manner, forming out-of-the-world geometrical vertices…

You can admire every detail of "The Horizon"...

From the crawling roots…

To the pitch-dark shadow overcast generated by ZERO Moss…

And see them transform when viewed from different angles.

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