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Live Moss Terrarium Step-by-step DIY, The EcoCube by TerraLiving

The making of "EcoCube - S", one of the most beginner-friendly live moss terrariums for an upcoming corporate virtual team-building workshop. (It is the only and final workshop after we retire from any workshop activity for two years, and we are going back into retirement after this event😎)

1. The video was taken and shared for your viewing pleasure. You can also use this video as a simple guide for your hobby and DIY terrariums.

2. No, live mosses are not for sale. You have to source it from your local store. Only ZERO Moss collections are available from us.

3. Pebbles and rocks are for decoration purposes. Unless they are very well cleaned, they do more harm than good to the moss.

4. We usually wear gloves to prevent contaminating the moss with unknown chemicals such as soap or hand sanitizers.

5. Live mosses in a closed glass environment can only stay alive if your environment is 25°C and below all-year long, with lots of indoor / dedicated light.

**Important note: This is a behind-the-scenes reference for our live moss experiment & demonstration. It is NOT applicable for any of our official ZERO Series releases. It would be best not to pump fog or spray water into any of your ZERO Moss collection or risk damaging all the preservatives and deteriorating moss's longevity.

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