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Minimalist 3D printed sculpture preserved moss terrarium

Early Western philosophy, art, and design focused primarily on symmetry, perfection, and ideal proportions. They emphasize the eternal, invincible, and youthful state of things.

In contrast, Eastern philosophers and artisans have learnt to appreciate the imperfect, rustic, and bitter-sweet aesthetics of nature.

These are the fundamentals behind Taoism, Zen, and Wabi-sabi that have come to realize that harmony, wisdom, and even creative inspiration can come from making peace with the transient and imperfect nature of things, both externally and internal reflection of oneself.

As such, here at TerraLiving, we wish to create a mix of both ideals within our bio-architectural designs.

While the glass vessels are carefully measured and crafted to be a symbol of geometric symmetry and timeless perfection, their lush, fluffy interior moss scapes symbolizes the ever-changing flow of nature and organic fractal beauty.

Both equally captivating in our minds.

So, the next time you take a look at our work, pause and reflect on the different schools of thought that have contributed to its design aesthetic and maybe it'll inspire you to paint, write a poem or even sing a song of praise as have the philosophers and artisans of ages past.

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