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Official NFT Launch Announcement for the Voxarium collection by TerraLiving

Dear fans, hold onto the edge of your seats and keep your eyes peeled on them screens because we are about to launch TerraLiving's series of NFTs next Tuesday (01.03.2022), at 12.00 am Eastern Standard Time on the Opensea platform [link will go online during launch].

Titled "Voxarium", these limited edition digital collectibles will be made available for bidding within a 72-hour time frame, and the winners of

these non-fungible tokens will also unlock some exclusive content made available via TerraLiving's customized link.

"Voxarium" is a collaborative digital art project by the visionary minds behind TerraLiving and Moyashi Studios since early 2021.

An acronym for "Voxel Art Terrarium", this gallery of

animated miniature dioramas is an alchemical synthesis of TerraLiving's biophilic design aesthetic merged with the artistry and storytelling from

Moyashi Studios.

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