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Satisfying live moss reveal trailer with fog, Rhodobryum sp. in "The Iris" by TerraLiving

Moss lovers and those who love attention-to-details; sit back, relax and enjoy watching the reveal video for an upcoming moss species (Rhodobryum sp.) in its "Iris" geometrical glass sculpture by TerraLiving.

Rhodobryum sp. will soon be the latest addition to the ZERO Moss family in Q1 2022.

Their leaf blades are incredibly delicate, and it is crucial to retain their entire "trunk" structure. Our scientists are working day and night to ensure successful and stable full-structure preservation into fine museum-grade specimens.

**Important note: This is a video of our live moss experiment with fog & mist, captured for visual therapy and relaxation purpose. The fog is NOT applicable for any of our official ZERO Series collections. It would be best NOT to pump fog into any of your ZERO Moss collection or risk damaging all the preservatives and deteriorating moss's longevity.

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