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TerraCity in TerraVerse

The Art of TerraLiving — "TerraCity in TerraVerse", a collaborative project with @moyashistudios

Hello, and welcome to the grand vision of our utopia we call TerraCity, where its residents have perfected the art of industrial-scale vertical farming.

Years of pollution, climate change, and salinification of farmable land have forced us to find alternatives to be self-sustainable in an unpredictable world.

Thus through advances in hydroponics and soil-less methods of crop production, the city has been able to recycle and reuse every ounce of water and fertilizer that goes into the crop growth cycle.

Coupled with the use of reinforced-glass panels that can withstand the forces of nature, the city has managed to create an enclosed oasis for all forms of moss and plants to thrive.

High-bandwidth telecommunication towers adorn the peaks of these magnificent crystal spires to enable real-time remote access and 24-hour management of these facilities. They are 60-75% automated to limit and minimize the spread of plant pathogens and insects that might destroy the highly prized pesticide-free produce within.

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