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TerraLiving Official Online Store - Voxel Concept Animation

The only websites that sell TerraLiving’s original art pieces are:

• Official Etsy store:, (thousands of sales & hundreds of 5-stars reviews for your confidence)

• Official website:

⟪ General authenticity awareness ⟫

A gentle reminder for our fans to stay smart and spread the word.

Please do NOT fall for scam sites. And help us SPREAD the word. Tag the person who needs to know this.

We know how frustrated it is to be persuaded into buying an item you thought to be original from us when later you discovered it is fake and non-existent.

Some of our fans have fallen for these copycats’ tricks. It breaks our hearts to hear customers turn from being excited to disappointed.

We were fiercely determined to cull these imitations, but there were too many of them.

They stole our graphics without crediting us, they created fake online stores and accounts that sound like us, and they even claimed they’re our distributors or resellers.

This is why we ask for your help. Tag the person who needs to know this:

We have NO distributors. NO resellers.

If you found an impersonator, tag us. DM us. Email us @

You can also report their fake ads.

Your actions can stop them from spreading their claws on innocent people. Please help us make this online world a safer place to shop at.

⟪ These are the details & official links to our social media pages ⟫

• Official Instagram page:

• Official Facebook page:

• Official YouTube Channel:

• Official Twitter account:

• Official Youtube account:

• Official TikTok account:

• Official Pinterest account:

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