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The Colony - Hanami hills colour scheme during developmental cycle by TerraLiving

Colour scheme options presented during the development cycle for The Colony - "Hanami Hill". Which one is your favourite?

The Colony - "Hanami Hill" by TerraLiving, a therapeutic voxel art terrarium, known as Voxarium, created for your visual satisfaction.

Design concept & philosophy:

This 3D animated miniature diorama voxel art showcases the lush and beautifully manicured cherry blossom gardens on Hanami Hill encased within the Colony glass vessel. The pops of pink on cherry blossoms mark the ending of winter and the beginning of spring. Due to their short blooming season, these sakura flowers also symbolize the transience of life.

Hanami Hill is a fictional setting situated within a large natural lake; these large floating rocky outcrops had a very calm zen quality about them and thus attracted the attention of some early Shinto priests to build a shrine and inhabit the area.

Today, it is pretty common for both couples and singles to climb a thousand steps up the levitating structure to reach the shrine as a testament

of their love, for blessing relationships, and some say even curing heartaches.

Some may write down their hopes and wishes onto small wooden plaques, which they then tie onto the branches of the sakura trees. It is believed that as the lovely pink petals fall off and drift away, so too will these secret messages be carried to their loved ones.

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