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The Iris - Live Moss Geometric Terrarium by TerraLiving

A mysterious, breathing living art piece; "The Iris - Live Moss Edition" for those who appreciate its beauty.

Condensation and water droplets on the inner glass's surface are common phenomena and are present almost all the time (consider it as part of its beauty).

No, this is NOT FOR SALE, and let us explain the reasons to you.

• Live mosses in lab environments don't always stay in fancy glass vessels like this. They spend most of their time in incubators.

• Living art is temporary, and we can only capture its beauty in digital form to share with everyone. They grow, they change, and they wilt from time to time.

• Live mosses are susceptible to environmental shocks such as sudden temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and light intensity. Shipping a single piece is not impossible, but not a very viable situation.

• Any delay / unexpected events will cause them to be dead on arrival.

• Given that it arrives safely, you will likely kill it within a week - a maximum of one month, again, due to shock.

• Only ZERO Moss (real and rare moss species with complex biological needs in their preserved state from our lab) allows us to create any botanical sculptures we'd love to freely. The possibility is limitless, and they can travel great distances across the world for those willing to support our work.

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