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The Oracle 2.0 - Desktop Parametric Moss Wall Sculpture by TerraLiving

Parametric art is an emerging form of computational design, defined as the use of variables and algorithmic rules to generate form.

Here at TerraLiving, the parametric design enables us to create mathematical objects like waveforms, spheres, or quadratic curves and change their properties such as scale to influence shadow overcast created by different light sources.

As compared to most plants, mosses generally lack complex structures. Since mosses can be separated into smaller individual units or what we call "moss pixels", parametric sculpture allows us to create shapes and form for moss, like never before.

For our "Oracle 2.0" parametric moss wall sculpture, several computer-generated serial planes come together in pleasing, seamless formations. The distance between each plane is well calculated to allow the most optimal space for ZERO Moss transplantation.

When various components such as ZERO Moss and the 3D printed parametric planes harmonize, it produces stunning visual effects that flow from one shape to another. The outcome is often visually soothing and satisfying to look at from every viewing angle.

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