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The Perception 2.0 Parametric Botanical Moss Sculpture by TerraLiving

Official featured video for The Perception 2.0, exploring its details layer by layer.

"The Perception 2.0" is a parametric botanical sculpture that leaves calming effect because it is so visually soothing to look at. Every parametric plane consists of computer-aided shapes generated based on flower petals in a pleasing, seamless formation.

Made possible with 3D printing technology that we closely studied over the years, the various components fit together harmoniously and produce stunning visual effects that flow from one shape to another, following the mathematical principle of continuity.

Every point on one side matches up with another on the other side, and there are no breaks in between.

With "the Perception 2.0", we aim to deliver our passion for science, botany, and technology in the form of modern art into your living space.

**Important note: This is the official ZERO Moss collection that is pest-free, non-living, yet it stays fresh, vibrant, and fluffy for many, many years.

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