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The Monocle - Exploded View Animation by TerraLiving

"The Monocle", the exploded view render for an upcoming geometrical glass sculpture by TerraLiving.

One of TerraLiving’s iconic elements is its free-flowing geometrical glass design.

As you already notice, each art piece is encased within a set of hand-crafted geometrical-crystalline glasses joined seamlessly to offer immersive & spectacular vistas from multiple angles.

These intricate glasses are produced through iterative processes to fulfill four main criteria:

1. Functionality

2. Aesthetics

3. Durability

4. User interaction

Before the glass takes form in reality, it first manifests within our designers’ imaginative minds.

We’d spar ideas and sketch randomly on paper, guided by our instincts and imagination.

Next, the design is transferred to the 3D design tool such as Blender to simulate for our team to see how it looks like in real life.

Does it deliver what we want to convey?

Does it look exquisite from multiple angles?

How does it reflect lights from different directions?

Can it support the ZERO Moss layout?

Can it stand on its own? Is it stable enough?

Is it too heavy? Is it too light?

We run through many types of simulations (lighting, weight, stability, etc.) to ensure each glass sculpture delivered to you is of exceptional quality, both in form and function.

Once the design is decided, it’s time to turn imagination into reality -- into physical glasses.











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